Lower Deschutes River fishing report 11/1/19

The report guy is going fishing in Cuba 11/1 to 11/14 so unless the weather gets crazy this report should hold up until he is back.

The water temps plummeted into the 40’s from the comfortable 50’s earlier this week and turned the fishing a little slow for a few days. Up to that point we had a great october for trout and good october for steelhead. We believe that the warmer weather that started yesterday will quickly improve water temps for the positive in the first half of November.
With colder water temps, swinging sink tips with larger steelhead flies or nymphing October Caddis Pupa will be your best bet.
For trout, Stonefly nymphs, Oct Caddis, Blue Prince, Copper John, Perdigons, Jigs and 2 Bit Hookers are great, but don’t forget the abundance of midges and how important midges in the drift can be at any time of the year, but especially in the winter.

You might see a few BWO’s in the eddies and edges with this warmer weather coming up.

Remember as of Nov 1 there is no access on the Warm Springs Reservation side of the river so anything west of the main channel is closed to fishing until next April 22.
The Reservation permit is good from 4/22 to 10/31 and the rest of the year access is closed to all but tribal members.

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