Fall River fishing report 11/22/19

the trend at Fall River continues to be good, although we do hear from some customers that the catching is slow some days, overall we’ve experienced very good catch rates on dries during the afternoon BWO hatches and on Jigs, Eggs, Perdigons, 2 Bit Hookers, Micro Mayfly’s and Zebra Midges when they aren’t coming up.

We continue to applaud ODFW for figuring out the stocking program to get the rainbows to stay in the river and not migrate out in a week or two, so there are plenty of fish in the system.

As we move into winter weather coming in the next week, midge hatches ought to be an important consideration too, so midge emergers and adults will be important.

7x is always going to be your best bet in the clear waters of the Fall. If you don’t carry and use 7x, you should consider doing so,.

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