Metolius River fishing report 3/20/20

It’s the march to remember for fishing on the Metolius, as the fishing has been better than ever for any March I can recall in 34 years here.
The main hatch is Baetis, but there are a number of caddis on the water and some of my good customers have done well on big orange caddis or stimulators.
The Cinygmula which is essentially a yellow march brown is coming off better now in the afternoon and your typical PMD patterns will get fish to eat for sure.
As usual, transitional flies like mergers and cripples are patterns the metolius trout like the most.
But a Light Cahill is killer for cintgmula’s.

Nymph fishing is very good. Small Caddis Pupa and Mayfly nymphs with a Stonefly nymph are your best bets now.

One of the cool kids that come by the shop on a regular basis and that could outfish us on any given day got 2 nice Bull Trout on streamers yesterday. That was a surprise on such a sunny bright afternoon. But the fish are there if you know where to look.

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