Opening Day Fishing Report for 2020

Well, it is going to be a weird opener for trout season in 2020. Everything is a bit weird now, so we go with the flow.
I know a lot of us are excited to see the lakes opening up.
I just spoke with my Special Use Coordinator at the Bend Office of USFS, and he indicates officially the boat ramps on the forest are not open, so docks will not be placed until they are.
I don’t know if any enforcement will happen if someone chooses to use a ramp at Crane or Wickiup. That is always hard because it can often be at the discretion of the enforcing officer. I know a few people who are going to go give it a whirl tomorrow on both reservoirs. So hopefully I’ll have an update on enforcement and on fishing.
I would expect leeches to be the thing on both lakes, with some likely midge larva and possible pupa action too.
Also, never forget that early season damsel nymphs are good because they have become active migrating from deeper areas to shallow areas and are on the move.
Hosmer and Lava Lake(s) will absolutely not be accessible due to snow and the closed gate. Same story at 3 Creek Lake here in Sisters.

Remember the Opener for the UPPER DESCHUTES above Benham Falls to Little Lava Lake isn’t until MAY 22. Same opener for the Whychus Creek, Tumalo Creek and the Upper Metolius above Allingham to the Headwaters.

The Lower Deschutes will not have open launching available to drift Warm Springs to Trout Creek. Or any water below to the Columbia. If you want to fish the Lower D on the East Side, should be good walk in access at Trout Creek, South Jct and Mecca. March Browns, Caddis, and a smattering of light hatches of Midges, Baetis and soon to be PMD’s will be happening. Success will really be on the migration of Stonefly nymphs. Black and Gold. Run those with a dropper of a Hares Ear, PT, 3 Dollar Dip, Pupa’s, Jigs and Perdigons.

Middle Deschutes is good, water levels are low and hatches are taking off. March Browns and Caddis mostly, but in some areas there are PMD and Pale Evening Duns hatching already. Nymphing and Streamer action are both worthy for sure.

The Crooked is at full summer flow and fishing well. Tons of BWO’s and great nymph fishing. Midges are also especially important. We are about a month away from BIG caddis hatches.

The Metolius is always the home water for us at FFP. We live to be here because of the river being so close to home and the shop. We care for the river deeply and want to protect it at all costs. We’ve sure seen some dumb stuff out there lately with people fishing in closed areas, people fishing bait and barbed hooks and we would assume keeping wild fish. Ugh!
If you see someone breaking the law, report them to the OSP Poaching Hotline 800-452-7888 or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (541)475-6520 and ask them to send the Camp Sherman Deputy to a location. We cant stand for it and need to work together to keep our wild trout protected.
As far as the fishing goes, the hatches have been better below 99 in terms of fish looking up. We are seeing decent hatches at Allingham too. Mostly BWO and smaller Caddis. Some October Caddis and Silver Stripe Sedges are still fluttering about but that is about done until fall now. PMD’s are just starting to mix in with the Cinygmula’s and the PMD’s are going to start rocking more and more in May for the Summer.
Golden Stone Nymphs have been working really well.
Zebra Midges (red and black), Jigs, Olive Hares Ear, Sparkle Pupa, Realistic Pupa, Frenchies and PT’s are also great now.

2 thoughts on “Opening Day Fishing Report for 2020

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I was walking the dog above the Allingham Bridge yesterday when I saw two older guys fishing.
    I stopped to mention to them that above the bridge the fishing is still closed. They said that if a deputy stopped them they were going to say you specifically told them it was OK to fish there. Too bad I didn’t have a cell phone with me. Just thought you would like to know.

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