Cascade Lakes Fishing Report 4/24/2020

Opening day was Wednesday 4/22/20 and we heard some excellent reports coming from Crane and Wickiup, and continue to hear very good fishing at South Twin.
No access yet to Lava, Hosmer, East or 3 Creeks.
At Crane, the ramps (without docks) are snow free at Rock Creek, Quinn and near the Resort.
The Deschutes County Sheriff Marine Patrol is doing boat checks many mornings randomly at these ramps. Be prepared with your PFD’s, Boaters Safety Card, Fishing Lic, Throwable, Fire Extinguisher and Sounding Device.
Once you’re on the lake, be prepared with red chironomids! Also black and olive and chromies. The prolific midge hatch has already begun, so bring a bug net and a buff and probably sungloves.
Leeches on an Intermediate line or jig style or balanced under an indicator are likely to rock too. So far, my friends who’ve been are only saying chironomids, but c’mon, Crane is one of the best leech lakes we have!

Wickiup I heard was pretty sweet for the opening day, and the day after with some nice browns getting tricked on leeches and dolly llamas.
With warm weather in the forecast, carry some ants out there too. And look for some good caddis hatches up in the Deschutes Arm near Sheeps Bridge.

South Twin is awesome. Strip leeches and damsels on a Type 3 full sink, or fish under an indicator 12 to 19′ with a Red Leech or Chironomid or Red 2 Bit Hooker.

I have not heard any recent reports from North Twin.

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