Jeff’s Spooky Fishing Report 10/31/20

Happy Halloween and the end of the general Trout Season! It’s crazy to think of all the great days we’ve had since the general opener on April 22nd. I would guess each and every one of you had some wonderful days on the water, through all kinds of weather, clear skies and even smoke this season. While in no way is the fishing over, it just changes an octave or so on November 1st. For many, it is when they like to come out and fish the most. Generally, mid week in November, December, January and February are quieter days on the river here. It is a draw to some anglers to brave a cooler day than to compete for water like you might in the summer during the height of the season.
For others, the crispness of the season is when they thrive, layering in puffy’s and waders and long johns and chasing steelhead throughout Oregon and Bull Trout on the Metolius and even knowing where to look, and when to be in the right place at the right time to cast dries to rising trout. There is something special about the next 4 months out on the water and in nature, and we encourage you to keep fishing to experience what we are talking about.
It is important to remind you of the places that will closed starting November 1st: Crane Prairie & Wickiup, The Warm Springs Reservation side of the Lower Deschutes, the Upper Deschutes (already closed) and the Upper Metolius (from Headwaters to Allingham Bridge) are tops to point out. As always, CONSULT THE ODFW REGULATIONS to be sure of what is open and what is closed and keep yourself legal.

The Metolius is seeing tremendous hatches of BWO’s and still a fair amount of PMD’s, Mahogany Duns and the beginning of the November Cinygmula emergences (looks like PMD but has 2 tails instead of 3). Plenty of Caddis out too, and still some mixed stoneflies including Golden Stones straggling to a finish of the 2020 hatch season in all this warm weather we’ve had and should continue to have for another several days.
Overall the fishing is really good for trout and pretty good for Bull Trout.
On any given day over the next several weeks plan to mix up your day with dries and nymphs if you’re after rainbows and definitely add streamers to the game if you’re looking for Bull’s.
The Kokanee are about totally done but the eggs are going to be in the drift for a bit, so continue to nymph an egg pattern as one of your options.

The Fall River is insanely crowded. That is the bad news. The good news is that it is fishing well with a nice afternoon hatch of BWO’s, plus some PMD’s, Midges and few small Caddis. The nymph game is also very productive and is best with Euro Jigs and Perdigons on light tippets.
The Headwaters to the Camp Ground are nice access areas and around the Tubes/Falls. I sure wish the State of Oregon would allow fishing access to our river at the Hatchery. We don’t need to use facilities or visit with Hatchery employees, we just want access to that area to take pressure off the few access that are open. I don’t think that is a Covid risk and I take Covid risks seriously.

The Crooked River is fishing quite well in low water conditions. We have seen some really good afternoon BWO hatches and lots of fish coming up to feed on dries. There is a good midge hatch later in the day too. Both of these hatches should go well for the next few weeks with the BWO’s not hatching as well in the really cold days and cold water that can happen in the winter, but midges do. That said, BWO nymphs are always one of our top choices on the Crooked 12 months a year. On the last report I talked about a fly called the Furminsky’s BDE Dun (to match BWO) and some of you came in to pick them up and loved how they fished. Thank you!
Scuds, Zebra Midges, 2 Bit Hooker, Skinny Nelson, Micro Mayfly, Perdigons and Rainbow Warriors are all good now and will be for the winter season. Get to the tying table!

The Lower Deschutes is good for trout and steelhead. Remember the Warm Springs reservation side closes today so your daily or annual tribal permit no longer allows you to access the west side of the river from Dry Creek to Trout Creek.
The area from Warm Springs to Maupin is all open on the East Bank east of the Main Channel.
Good trout fishing on Stonefly Nymphs, October Caddis Pupa, small Caddis Pupa and various small nymphs including perdigons and soft hackle PT’s.
The Steelhead have been taking nymphs but also we know of many steelhead coming to a swung, traditional steelhead fly. That is the bomb!

The Middle Deschutes flows have come up quite a bit now, with the end of irrigation season. There are good access points to hit the river in higher water if you know where to go, especially down in the Crooked River Ranch area. It is mostly nymphing and streamers now.

Hosmer Lake fished really well yesterday for our guide Steve. He said the fish were slamming a balanced leech on an erratic retrieve.
I am going to guess the snow gate might be closing up for winter in the next week, so if you want to hit Hosmer another time or 2 in 2020, get it done.
Scuds, Waterboatman, Chironomids, Leeches and Mayfly Nymphs under an indicator or stripped on a slow sinking line.

East Lake would be best this week from the shoreline wading or from a tube or pontoon boat. Browns are ganging up on the banks and are susceptible to streamers now.

Paulina Lake is good with good indicator/balanced leech action in many areas of the lake. We got a few fish up to beetles a few days ago, but the fish that were rising appeared to be on Midges and were rising selectively. Docks are in but will be coming out soon. I heard this weekend, Nov 9 and Nov 11th. So who knows. All of those dates were written on a USFS email or were told to me by a USFS employee at the dock a few days ago. I’m going again Monday and I believe the dock will be there. I hope.

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  1. I hope you will continue these informative reports in the weeks ahead. Before you take me on that free trip to Belize.

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