Paulina Lake update 5/16/22

I’m parked at the viewpoint just down from the lakes. It is a spot where I frequently stop to either send a text, or email or tune in the MLB Network so we can listen to a baseball game driving home from fishing. It’s a handy viewpoint!

Paulina is indeed ice free. There were 4 or 5 boats out there. Water looked great in terms of lake levels.

My intel from the weekend that said the docks are in was true, but maybe what I thought that meant and what you’d think that means from reading yesterday’s report are a little different than the reality I found. The campgrounds (Paulina Lake and Little Crater where the hood public boat launches are) are still very much snowed in. The public docks are not in the water nor are they open.

The $5 launching fee dock at the Paulina Lake store is in and I saw 2 boats use it as I was there taking photos and enjoying the sun and the view.

I’m excited for fishing here soon but I wouldn’t count on the public docks to be open for a while . Maybe 2 weeks? It’s hard to know….

This place is so wonderful!
This is the private dock at PL Store, it’s certainly deep enough to launch a larger boat

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