10/16/22 Fishing Update

It looks like one more week of glorious weather coming, and then a big change coming in next saturday. I’d say for most of us, this brings mixed feelings and may even change some fishing plans, but overall while I am going to miss the sunshine and short sleeve shirts, I am hopeful that these rains will increase flows into Prineville Reservoir, and that the hatches of autumn get rolling a bit better, and that the fish feel the freshet on their skin and really start stocking up reserves before winter.

I met Tina out on the Metolius this afternoon after she showed a house in Camp Sherman. We got lunch at the Camp Sherman Store and then headed to Allingham to fish a spot I love this time of year. We both just brought dry fly rods (and dry fly boxes, so nymphing wasn’t an option today), and I worked the water there for a bit, changing a few flies and trying different drifts. Nothing.
So we loaded up and drove to the Hatchery where we found a lot of anglers and not too much open water by time we got there. So down river we went to a favorite little eddy, hidden from the normal bustle of all the easier access spots. Nothing. No hatch to speak of, and no fish rising.
So today was a bust for me out there fishing wise, but we measure days like today on more than the catch rate. Lunch with my sweetie, fall colors and letting out dog Drake have another “best day” were all highlights.
All that said, my friend Phil was able to find fish that would eat green drakes today and throughout this past week, plus some of the boys from the shop had good bull trout action on a few mornings this week, plus I heard more positive reports of fish eating October Caddis, and now the kokanee are increasing their fall run up the river so eggs are going to be in the drift for the next few weeks and be very important as a food source.
BWO’s and Mahogany Duns are big hatches in October, and PMD’s are still pretty abundant if you’re in the right place….
What I am excited for is the rain coming in next week. I do believe we are in for a treat on hatches, on nymphs and on Bull Trout streamers with the change coming soon.

The Lower Deschutes is fishing pretty good for trout on the Warm Springs to Trout Creek drift. Some risers in the eddies, but better fishing on Euro Nymphs Caddis Pupa, 2 Bits, Rainbow Warriors, October Caddis Pupa and large Stonefly Nymphs.
Steelhead are around from WS to the Mouth. If you go, and you’re lucky enough to catch a wild fish, treat it with the utmost respect. Barbless, big net, keep them wet, no out of water photo, don’t touch them with gloves and realize they still have a big journey to complete so fight them fast with equipment that will make the fight fast.

The Fall River is crowded but has a lot of fish and is fishing good now. Euro Nymphs and streamers are your best bets. Look for caddis hatches, BWO and PMD and likely some midges in the slower water too. I love the Fall River when the cooler rains and first snows come in the autumn. Crowds thin and hatches get better.

The Crooked remains closed until 11/1/22
When the water goes back to 50 cfs it should be good to go for winter fishing again. Nice to protect the fish during this low water time, and thanks to ODFW for being proactive on that. Good move all the way around.

The McKenzie is fishing great on nymphs, October Caddis pupa and adults, and some streamers. Now is a great time to go and our guide team has some openings this week if you’d like.

The Middle Deschutes is definitely a great bet for the week. Water levels are slowly coming up as irrigation is being turned off, but it’s very fishable. Most action now is on nymphs, but in some areas there will be opportunity to get them on purple haze, yellow sparkle duns and X caddis.

Remember the Upper Deschutes is Closed from Benham Falls all the way up to the headwaters at Little Lava Lake until next May 22.

Crane Prairie’s reopening was not what anyone hoped for. Slow fishing remains. Some friends have found fish on indicators and leeches, zebra midges, chironomids….But the bite is quite slow. Water is really clear by the way.

Hosmer is okay, but tough. Lot’s of fish around and I’d say the lower lake is the place to be ahead of the upper lake. There are in many places of the channel quite a few brook trout, but they are tough to entice for me the last 2 trips. Black Balanced leeches and scuds are best, but keep an eye on damsel nymphs and water boatman up there.

Fall opens up good opportunity to fish for big brown trout at Paulina and East. A lot of this comes on chub streamers, leeches and scuds.
Both of these lakes will offer good beetle fishing on top for the next week or two. I’ve caught fish on beetles with snow flakes falling in October, so never give up.
Docks are being removed so keep this in mind if your boat requires a dock to launch so you aren’t surprised and disappointed when you get there.
I’m going to call the USFS Bend office tomorrow and get an update on docks for the week. I’m hopeful to use the big boat this week but prepared with the drift boat if need be.

Speaking of docks and services, I fished Diamond Lake with my friend Cap’t. Phil yesterday. Fishing was okay, we got ’em on Chironomids mostly, but the thing that struck me was the Umpqua Nat’l Forest had the docks in, and bathrooms open there. Why can’t our forest service district treat us with the same services? Thank you to the Umpqua National Forest for a good experience.

See you on the water or in the shop.
All the best!


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