Crane Prairie snow and ice(d over) photos

Holy smokes, it is a late winter. Take a look at these photos from taken at Crane Prairie by the resort on April 13, 2023

Crane Prairie will in no way, shape or form be ready for opening day of fishing season on 4/22

The dock area at Crane
The road to the resort from South Century

I’ll bet a dozen balanced leeches it will be at least May 10th before it is ice free and open to fish. If there is still 20-30” of snow in the parking lot, that is going to be a sloooooooow melting process with our weather forecast for the next 7-10 days.

If you’re itching for some stillwater action, and need to see the bobber go down, or feel the intermediate line get tight, we have one hell of a private lake for you that is fishing well right now. It’s 2 hours from Bend, 2.5 from Portland and it’s $140 a day per person.

One thought on “Crane Prairie snow and ice(d over) photos

  1. Hopefully this snow and rain translates to beautiful streams and lakes and great fishing. Prineville reservoir is now 44% to capacity, hope to see it hit at least 50%.
    Randy Dickson

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