A Crooked River Reminder

Just a reminder that the Crooked is getting the “pulse flow” today and tomorrow and is up over 300 cfs today and going to 400 cfs to help facilitate the steelhead smolt migration downstream.
I’d recommend waiting until Friday or Saturday for the fishing to stabilize after this.
The water is going to be more turbid than before, and that might last for a month or more. But Crooked River fish are used to that!
Should be a good season on the Crooked, the reservoir is going over 50% full today. Will it hit 75 or 80%? Maybe. I hope so.

2 thoughts on “A Crooked River Reminder

  1. Let’s hope the crooked river hits 75%. Not only is the Crooked river important to those like myself who are very fond of this stream, but it’s a very important rivers to local businesses and guides etc. Additionally, any loss of a stream or it’s fishability is a loss or more pressure on other streams.
    Randy Dickson

  2. Was up there yesterday (the 20th) doing a little scouting. CFS was 354. Chocolate brown water with a bit of debris piled around structure. Great to see the res level climbing and up higher, but was very silty.

    Cool afternoon, but saw a tiny little hatch and cliff swallows doing their thing.

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