The Metolius is just damn High and other info for 5/6/23

Who let the dogs out? Man oh man this low elevation snow really started to melt down the tributary creeks on the Metolius. Lake Creek is to the brim, Canyon and Candle Creeks are too.
Today at the Allingham Gauge we are nearing 400 cfs and that is really high. The funny thing is, the Allingham Gauge is the highest I’ve seen all week, but the Grandview Gauge has been going down, if just by fractional percentages.
The river has spots that are still fishable, and fish are being caught. Our friend and casting instructor Doug was out yesterday and got fish on BWO’s in one of the eddies. Local Pottery Guru Ken, and some retired dude with a southern accent had good days on the river this week with dries and dry droppers in the eddies and along the logs…. BUT, in this flow, be really really really careful wading. In fact, I don’t think I would wade much at all. But I’m a chicken.
Quite a few PMD’s and Caddis hatches going as well. Rises have been inconsistent however.
Green Drakes will start soon below and around Bridge 99. Sparse sightings have already been observed. In 3 weeks it will be game on for the drakes!

The Crooked has seen a substantial reduction in flows down to 480 cfs today. That is fishable, but we prefer it under 300. If you are going, again, watch the wading safety, and swing buggers with some flash in the tail, and upsize your nymphs a bit and make sure they have a hot spot or a fluorescent bead.
I think the Crooked will be coming back to normal flows within the week, but the water is going to be turbid for a long time.

Middle Deschutes is good, more salmonflies are hatching down close to Lake Billy Chinook and Steelhead Falls, but the cool weather has them hunkered more in the bushes than flying. So far.
PMD, BWO’s, Pale Evening Duns and Caddis round out the hatches and look for these to be important from 10 or 11 in the morning to 6 or 7 in the evening. Drew and Sequoia from the shop had a good BWO session near Tumalo 2 evenings ago.
Lot’s of excellent nymph action, whether that be dry/dropper or euro style, it is quite good.

Fall River is good. It is crowded most of the time. Go early, go later, or spread out and walk and explore if you’re there mid day. Eggs, Streamers, 2 Bit Hookers, Micro May’s, Perdigons, PMD, Caddis, Ants and Beetles.

The Lower Deschutes is in way better shape and we are delighted to see that! Looks like it just ticked back under 5000 this morning. While we prefer the river under 4200, it is fishable now for sure.
Best reports have been on Girdle Bugs and Stonefly nymphs near the shore, but euro nymphs with a bright hot spot and bigger bead have been working well for sure. Try the Berry’s PCP, Blue Perdigon, and a Fire Starter Perdigon. A Soft Hackle PT with, or w/o a bead is a winer too.
I know a lot of anglers who took advantage of the higher water to swing leeches and sculpins on their trout spey gear and did well last week.
Salmonflies will begin soon in Maupin. We have 70 and 80 degree days coming back in the 7 day forecast and it is going to roll!

Mckenzie is still too high for fishing IMO.

I’ll update lakes soon. Not much to say so far.

See you out there.


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