Water Level updates Monday 5/8/23. The good, the bad and the ugly

Lower Deschutes is coming down an dis really in nice condition under 5000 cfs. Fishing is very good. Stone nymphs, sculpins, perdigons, soft hackle PT, flashback PT, worms, leeches.
Salmonfly hatch ought to be going well by this time next week.

Crooked River is blowing up to nearly 900 cfs again and that is unfishable. Reservoir will certainly fill to 100%. Crazy.

Middle Deschutes is in great shape and Salmonflies are out, as well as March Browns still, PMD, PED and BWO. Lot’s of dry fly action for sure. Fishing all the way from Bend to Billy Chinook. Stones are down river but with the 80’s forecast by later in the week it is going to move up fast.

Fall River is in great shape since there are no outside influences to make runoff a thing! Remember the Fall to the Deschutes is still closed until 5/22.

The Metolius is high. Dang that low elevation snow from the Cascades is running down all the creeks that feed in to the Met.
Fishing is pretty good though. Lots of good reports from the weekend, including an awesome Super Slam from Crystal (Brown, Bull, Rainbow and Whitefish). Chester, Doug, Phil and Rod all had good reports for me (I was raking pine needles) and it was interesting to hear how many different things they all ran into over the weekend.
Some early, yet very light Drake emergences are starting to show up in the afternoon.

The McKenzie is awfully high at just under 7000, we’d sure like to see it closer to 5000 before we go back.

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