Lakes Update 10/25/2023 The good, the bad and the ugly…

I had what will be my last guide trip on the Cascade Lakes this year at Paulina Lake. It was cold and windy and just wanting to start snowing when we left shortly after 4 PM.
It might be one we can fish again next week depending on the weather, but the water temp at the boat ramp when we launched was 41F, and it did hit 47 to almost 48 in the afternoon in most areas of the lake.
We caught quite a few on a Brown Balanced Leech with an Orange Bead, and some on a Bruised, also with an Orange Bead and one on a Scud and 2 on a beetle.
It snowed quite a bit at East and Paulina last night, and night time are in the teens and low 20’s (F) for the next several nights.
It is going to drop those water temps big time and the fish are going to be close to the shorelines at East for sure and on the drop offs and shallows at Paulina.
I don’t think they (USFS) will close the snow gate with this one snow event yet? But it looks like next Monday and Tuesday would be decent days to go up with temps hitting the mid to high 40’s.

Three Creeks Lake has a lot of snow now and with the night time lows in the teens I am going to say it is over for the year. See you next June Three Creeks Lake! Even though the road repairs caused a late opening, it was so worth it and fishing was outstanding there this year. My guess it is will be iced over by Saturday or Sunday.

Hosmer is also in the same boat as Three Creeks and I do believe it will not only be frozen by the weekend, the road in and out would be too treacherous to navigate in and out. See you next May or June up at one of the coolest lakes in our region!

Crane Prairie is open through 10/31/23 as it is on the ODFW General Trout Season Regs (4/22 to 10/31). I’m thinking it ought to be pretty good Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and worth the trip. Balanced leeches ought to be the #1 pick, but keep the blood worms and maybe some small #16 black chironomids in the box too.

North and South Twin would be awfully cold to be on today and tomorrow but by Sunday I’d put them on the list for some late season lake options. Balanced Leeches, Damsel Nymphs and Chironomids.

Suttle Lake is interesting (but difficult to figure out) this time of year for about 3 or 4 weeks near the Link Creek side. Lot’s of big browns.
Over the years they’ve come to net on skittered October Caddis dries, and on Leeches. One of my (gasp) bait fishing friends opened one up and said the fish was full of snails.

And for your really strong option for a great lake day book a day at Justesen Ranch for some private lake fishing for $150 per day. Let us know if we can find a date for you in the next few weeks.

I’ll update the Rivers this weekend. There is good fishing on the Metolius, Crooked, Fall and the Lower Deschutes. For more details make sure to read our last fishing report from earlier this week.

Be well and stay warm!


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