Jeff’s Cascade Lakes Report 5/3/17


Looking good as the ice is coming off, especially in the channel. Road closures remain in effect so keep in mind there is no access until at least May 22.


Sparks Lake

Breaking up in the channels. With 80 degree weather for the next couple of days and then 60’s in the 10 day let’s hope the lakes open up a bit more soon.

East (and Paulina)

Still iced over. East has some clearing at the Hot Springs and Cliffs. County Crews are clearing the roads and they look good, but the gate remains closed going up until May 22. Hopefully the ice will come off sooner so we can start fishing right away.


Lava Lake

Ice is coming off fast. No access yet as the road at the gates is still blocked. Little Lava is completely ice free. No access either.


Three Creeks Lake
Still iced over and snowed in. I’d guess mid to late June for access this year.

Fall River report for the New Year 2016

One big change is the river opens below the falls 1/1/16 so all of that water is fishable. Awesome.

Get out and get some Sculpzillas stripped thru the pools and off the banks. Walk a Lead-Eye Wooly Bugger along the undercuts. Swing a White or Pink Rufus in the pools and lava cuts.

Some BWO action along with Midges for Dry Fly angling. Recommend 7X fluoro tippet!

Nymphing the ledges is a good bet right now. Look for the fish and spot fish. Eggs, Zebra’s, Girdle Bug, Micro Mayfly and Rainbow Warriors are the hot flies now.

Crooked River report for the New Year 2016

Right now it’s pretty darn cold. Today’s high in Prineville was 28 when the sun finally burned thru the freezing fog. Tomorrow is forecast for about the same.

There is a fair bit of ice but the river is fishable and should improve A LOT in the next few days when this weather pattern is scoured out next week.

Fish are on Zebra Midges and Sow Bugs more than anything else right now. A Frenchie, Small #18 Hares Ear, #12-16 Prince and Orange Scud are all patterns we recommend right now.

With the water really cold the fish take very, very lightly. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to use a NZ Wool Indicator or a Strike Foundry sighter. You need these to tell when the subtle soft takes happen.

Look for late afternoon midge hatches in the pools and get your 7x spools out.

New Years 2016 Metolius Update

Brrr….but, the fishing is worth it. Fish seem pretty active most days on nymphs. Small Caddis Larva and Pupa patterns are producing the best, along with Copper Johns, small BWO nymph patterns, Zebra Midges and Lightning Bugs.

While you usually wanted/needed to fish these off a dropper from a heavy Golden Stone Nymph, in 2016 the ODFW changed the regs to ALLOW weight on the leader so you don’t necessarily need the heavy nymph. All that said, a Sh*t Load of fish over the years have been caught on the Stone Nymph and it’s a fly that works so keep using it by all means.

Streamer fishing is good. Mostly for Bull Trout, but Rainbows will eat Sculpzillas for sure.

Hardly any hatch at the moment, so don’t get your hopes up for BWO”s bringing fish up quite yet. Most years I notice BWO hatches improving a lot in Mid-January so it’s close.

Metolius Fishing Report 12-16-15

It’s been really nice for several days. Last week the water came up but it settled fast and is a perfect 1500 cfs.

Allingham, and the Hatchery area are good access points you can always count on. Yesterday we were able to get to Bridge 99.

Nymping is the way to go mostly, but there are a few BWO’s and a few caddis hatching and on any given day that may bring fish to the surface. Look for risers mostly in eddies now.

Bull Trout fishing remains strong. It may be the best BT fall I’ve ever seen in 30+ years being here.

More weather coming tonight. I like snow on the river a lot. Some wonderful memories have been made on the Metolius in the snow, so go make yours too.