New Years 2016 Metolius Update

Brrr….but, the fishing is worth it. Fish seem pretty active most days on nymphs. Small Caddis Larva and Pupa patterns are producing the best, along with Copper Johns, small BWO nymph patterns, Zebra Midges and Lightning Bugs.

While you usually wanted/needed to fish these off a dropper from a heavy Golden Stone Nymph, in 2016 the ODFW changed the regs to ALLOW weight on the leader so you don’t necessarily need the heavy nymph. All that said, a Sh*t Load of fish over the years have been caught on the Stone Nymph and it’s a fly that works so keep using it by all means.

Streamer fishing is good. Mostly for Bull Trout, but Rainbows will eat Sculpzillas for sure.

Hardly any hatch at the moment, so don’t get your hopes up for BWO”s bringing fish up quite yet. Most years I notice BWO hatches improving a lot in Mid-January so it’s close.

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