Fishing Reports

Middle Deschutes Report 3/17/17 (3/17/2017) - The water came up a bit more yesterday (over 700 now) but this week the little black stones and midge hatches have been strong and good dry fly fishing from noon to 2 each day. It is tricky wading, with most of us staying out of the currents and just on the edges. It is … Continue reading Middle Deschutes Report 3/17/17
Metolius River report 3/17/17 (3/17/2017) - The Met is pretty darn high. I have not been fishing it but I get reports pretty much every day and even with the high water people are catching fish. Big Golden Stone nymphs have been producing fish. Look, the water is changing every day. It is tough to say what it will be like … Continue reading Metolius River report 3/17/17
Crooked- Totally Blown 3/17/17 (3/17/2017) - Holy smokes is it high. Way too high to fish. Give it 2 or 3 weeks is a good guess.
Fall River fishing report 3/17/17 (3/17/2017) - In Central Oregon, this is the best water conditions by far at the moment. Pretty good BWO hatches and good nymphing going on too. With most of the rivers in our area blown out with really high water Fall River is top on the list for a place to fish now.
Middle Deschutes Report 3/13/17 (3/13/2017) - From the area just upstream of Bend down thru town and into Tumalo and Lower Bridge there is some fishing to be had. Above town the water is pretty low, and below town (Bend) the water is pretty high at the moment. We are seeing some Skawlas and Little Black Stones out and fish taking … Continue reading Middle Deschutes Report 3/13/17
Crooked River 3/13/17 (3/13/2017) - Water is very high and off color. I’d skip it for a while until runoff is over in 2 to 4 weeks (best guess).
Metolius River fishing report 3/13/17 (3/13/2017) - The water is a little high and slightly off color from runoff. Fishing conditions from Allingham to Gorge are the best, once you get below Jack Creek and Canyon Creek the river gets rolling pretty good. One thing we’ve seen over the years though is that the Bull Trout bite well and move to the … Continue reading Metolius River fishing report 3/13/17
Fall River Fishing Report 3/13/17 (3/13/2017) - Fall River has been the best in terms of stability here in Central Oregon. With no outside influences like tributary creeks or other rivers flowing in to it, just the spring and a little extra snow melt is keeping Fall River in prime shape. BWO’s, Midges and a few caddis. In the morning fish are … Continue reading Fall River Fishing Report 3/13/17
Crooked is too high 2/17/17 (2/17/2017) - The latest: Hello, Prineville┬áReservoir discharges will increase from 600 cfs to 1,000 cfs (two-200cfs increases) today based on the current reservoir inflow. We are currently 4kaf below the flood curve with current inflows at approximately 3,300 cfs. Conditions and forecasts will continue to be monitored and adjustment made to discharge as necessary. Let me know … Continue reading Crooked is too high 2/17/17
Crooked River fishing report 2/15/17 (2/15/2017) - The water is running a little high, at 386 cfs. Normal winter flow is about 80 cfs, normal summer flow 250’ish. It is fishable. I probably wouldn’t try to wade across it myself, but I’d work the edges. Scuds and Zebra Midges are working, but in higher water it is never a bad choice to … Continue reading Crooked River fishing report 2/15/17

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