Cascade Lakes June 11, 2105

We had a slow start to the lakes early in the week but it was in the high 90’s here and the fish just hid. I was guiding East Lake yesterday 6/10 and had some pretty nice fishing.

We started about 9 near the hot springs and there were millions of #16 black chironomids flying at tree level. That said, we rose all of our fish on #16 callibaetis extended body parachute.

Later in the morning we switched to a double chironomid rig on 20 foot leaders, setting the slip indicator at 16 feet and went to deeper water. That’s where we did well on bigger browns and rainbows with about an hour and a half of good to very action. This was my 4th trip of the year to East, and so far Black pupa have by far and away been best. Usually maroon is my best and I suppose they will be again later in the season soon enough.

Wind Drifting a #14 Possie Bugger with a #16 PT was very effective for the rest of the day. Fish were concentrated in 12 to 14 feet of water.

Hosmer Lake is good early in the AM and from about 5 PM to dark. The callibaetis is on, you’ll need nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners throughout the hatch. Usually the hatch is from 9 to 11 AM and again from 7 to 9 PM. Damsels, Ants and some Caddis are on now too. Caddis are mostly Black #14-16 and your best bet is a Purple Soft Hackle on a medium strip or troll as the Pupa are emerging to adults, but a black Elk Hair is good but trim the hackle off the bottom to keep it floating right.

Crane Prairie is picking up with the heat as the fish are moving to the colder channels finally. Chironomids are always a top choice and one of the best ways to find and land trophy rainbows. The blood rufus on a hover line or clear camo line is pretty awesome but I’d also try a black Rufus or Wooly Bugger.

Great reports coming from Wickiup. I talked to some good anglers this week who are finding big browns feeding on small caddis out in the flats. Callibaetis are on here too so be ready for that in the late AM or early afternoon.

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