Cascade Lakes 6/19/15

I was on East Lake yesterday. It was another good day, despite quite a bit of wind (from darn near every direction). Not much of a hatch this last week that I’ve seen, but I have had customers talk about fish up on chironomids emerging and a few callibaetis. You might recall my report from 2 weeks ago we had very good callibaetis action by the hot springs late afternoon.
Chironomid fishing under a bobber is good. Black with a red rib or black seems to be the best color so far this season.

Hosmer is good. Callibaetis and damsels are both going strong, plus ants and some caddis in the evening. Most of the caddis so far are the black long horn sedges #14-16, but I am thinking we’ll see traveling sedge soon.
Try a top banana or rufus if you want to strip streamers. We’ve also had good luck in the channel with red chironomids.

Crane is getting mixed reports. Heard of some guys getting quite a few, other a few and others blanked. Leeches, Damsels and Chironomids are all good. I’d go to Quinn or Cultus.

Lava and Litte Lava have been very good. Leeches, Callibaetis, Chironomids are all good.

Wickiup is good. I’ve heard of some excellent caddis fishing in the Davis arm area. Callibaetis and Damsels are going to be very important for the next month or more. Early morning guys looking to score big browns and maybe a big bass should fish structure along the bank with big streamers.


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