Crooked River 6/20/15

The ODFW electro-shocked most of the week from Big Bend down to Cobble Rock to study fish populations, so that was a bit rough last week. The good news is, that is over and the other good news is that is a short stretch and most of the river was not shocked.
We are finding a lot of fish on 2 Bit Hookers and a Zebra Midge. Jigs, Scuds, Micro Mayfly, Rainbow Warrior and Hares Ears have been great. I highly recommend using the NZ Wool indicators about 4 to 5 feet up from the fly. These indicators are so much more sensitive and the fish are taking really soft. I also am a huge fan of czech style nymphing and using the King Snake sighter and a 6 to 7 foot section of fluorocarbon tippet.
We’ve been noticing fish rising as soon as shade hits the water in the afternoon. Midges, Caddis and Mahogany Mayfly’s, and then in the evening more risers on caddis and rusty spinners.

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