Lower Deschutes Fishing Report 11/2/15

With the colder weather the steelhead game is still good but the tactics have shifted a little. We are going more to the nymphs, using Cheeseburgers, Lightning Bugs, Girdle Bugs, Prince nymphs and October Caddis Pupa’s.
We have also shifted more to the Skagit lines and sink tips with Marabou flies, Sculpins and Leeches with lower water temps and cold mornings…
Yes, on warm days (which I am pretty sure we will see again this month at some point) go back to the Scandi line, poly leader and smaller swung flies like the Green Butt Skunk or Magic Purple.
We can make you a custom cut tip from T10, T12 or T14 at $2.00 per foot if you need to get a new tip. We got the bulk SA in stock so you are set if you need it.

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