Metolius River Fishing Report 11/2/15

November is a good time on the Metolius, the crowds have really thinned and there are still a lot of good hatches.
Remember the upper river from Allingham Bridge to the Headwaters has closed for the winter and won’t open again until late May to protect spawning fish.
This time of year, the PMD’s dwindle but for the next 2 weeks or so you’ll see another little yellow mayfly called a cinygmula that all of your favorite PMD flies will match. The way to tell if you are seeing a PMD or a cinygmula is cinygmula have 2 tails and PMD’s have 3 tails. I doubt fish count tails.
Blue Wing Olive hatches are always good in November too.
October caddis are very important along with some smaller tannish caddis about a size #14-16. Pupa patterns will produce the best, but I’d search with a Tan Iris still.
Thousands of Kokanee recently spawned and there have been a lot of eggs in the drift. Fish love eggs. You need to be fishing an egg fly.
In about 60 days those eggs will hatch and shortly after there will be Fry galore. I’d love to explore this phenomenon more….I had great fishing in Argentina and Chile on recently hatched Fry, but have yet to nail it in Oregon. I want to. If you have beta, I’d love to hear about it.
The Golden Stone Nymph dropper combo is your best bet for the river all the time. We have a ton of great patterns so stop in and see the latest, but throughout the winter the little mayfly nymph and caddis pupas are always a smart choice, and midge pupa patterns don’t get enough attention.
Bull Trout fishing is good still on big streamers. Really, bring an 8 weight. Too many people come with a a 9 foot 5 weight and can’t cast the big flies we sell them.

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