Metolius River Fishing Report 11/17/15

Well, the weather is really crappy today but the fishing trend out here is good. As I write this we are seeing 50 mph wind gusts. Better weather tomorrow and for the weekend forecast.
Looks like Cinygmula’s are wrapped up. Maybe on the warmer days ahead (not many in the forecast) we may see a few.

Plenty of BWO’s and some caddis and October Caddis hatching. Had a buddy get a nice one on a BWO in an eddy this weekend.

Nymphing has been the best bet. In fact it has been quite good. Stone nymphs and a dropper. Eggs are still good. Jigs and Copper Johns are great.

We were out of all White Bull Trout Streamers for a couple of weeks. Sorry. It was such a great Bull Trout fall that we underestimated how many we needed on pre-orders. Good news, we are nicely re-stocked and have expanded our Bull Trout streamer selection with some really sweet new articulated all white patterns, along with all of our great sculpins, Clarke’s Rat and Dolly Llamas.

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