Metolius River fishing report for Thanksgiving 2015

Its cold and getting colder (for the next 3 days) but the Metolius is the best game in the area for fishing on the cold days due to the spring fed waters there. There is snow on the ground out there. Roads are plowed in Camp Sherman and down to the Hatchery. Be careful if you plan to go below the hatchery because it is not plowed down there.

It’s pretty much all nymphs, and #14 or #16 copper johns have been the leader of the pack this week. Seems like maybe there are a lot of young golden stone nymphs in the drift, and that must be why the copper john is working so well.
Eggs, Jigs, Mr Peacock, Olive Micro Mayfly, October Caddis Pupa, 3 Dollar Dip and Hares Ears are all good too.
As usual, run all of your small nymphs as a dropper off of a Stonefly Nymph.

Streamer fishing is good. Bull Trout seem to be more open to taking patterns other than just white, but big white streamers are a great bet.
Sculpins have been working quite well for red bands too.
Try a big red chironomid for Bull Trout under a bobber. Especially in the morning. It is a good way to get BT’s all winter.

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