Cascade Lakes report 6/10/16

East Lake is good. I’ve been guiding up there a bunch and we are getting a fair number of good browns in about 15 feet of water on a deep sunk chironomid under a bobber.
Wind Drifting with intermediate lines and callibaetis nymphs is good for a lot of Kokanee and a few trout.
Callibaetis hatches have been slow to get going, but there are some. We’ve had our best dry fly action on Ants.

Hosmer is good. I had a couple of guide trips there this week and it was amazing one trip and good the other. Damsels, Alder Flies, Callibaetis, Ants and small Red Ice Cream Cones.

Crane is good. Quinn and Deschutes Channel’s are good! Chironomids and Leeches with some Callibaetis and Damsel action too.

Wickiup is good thru the Sheeps Bridge area. Caddis and Callibaetis are the primary hatch.

Davis is good for Bass but better for big rainbows. Damsels and Callibaetis.

South Twin remains excellent for stocked rainbows. They are really hitting Sheep Creek Special’s and Rufus patterns.

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