Cascade Lakes report 6/30/16

Hosmer is best early in the AM and late in the PM. Mid-day is slower but you can work a damsel nymph along the banks or an ant on the surface. Callibaetis are on, usually with 2 hatches per day, the best in the evening. At dusk there is a tiny Caenis mayfly that the fish sip. It’s maddening and hard but really cool to see. Traveling Caddis should start soon at dark too so be ready for that with my Jeff’s Cascade Caddis or Tom Thumb emerger.

East is good with Callibaetis improving. The spinners are coming to the water in the morning and the hatch is later in the afternoon or evening at the moment.
Chironomid fishing isn’t as good as normal but we are taking some good fish on red ice cream cones fished deep (16 feet to 18 feet).

Crane is warm and kind of gross. I wouldn’t recommend it at the moment as it has a bloom going. I’d hope to see it clear again soon and from here on out until fall you need to find the channels and fish chironomids. Its not a numbers game but it can offer some giant trout.


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