Three Creeks Lake report 7/19/16

Finally getting the BIG caddis called traveling sedge hatching. My Cascade Caddis along with a Tom Thumb and Stimulators match that hatch well. These hatch best in the evening but it can often happen in the morning.

Callibaetis and Midges are important to match every day too!

We’ve been having good success on Sheep Creek Special’s and trailing a callibaetis nymph 20 inches behind.

One thing that can happen is fish will be rising a lot to emerging nymphs and making rings but not really taking the emergers off the top. Recently I’ve been having good success running a #16 or 18 hares ear (no bead!) under a Palsa pinch on float (about 12 to 20 inches) and just watching the indicator for a take down or twitch. Its not only effective but its fun.

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