Cascade Lakes fishing report 8/3/16

East- Callibaetis have been the best of the season for the last week or so. Seeing massive spinner falls in the morning about 8 to 10. Good fishing in the afternoon with occasional Callibaetis hatch but especially on ants and beetles. Chironomid bite is on and off. I’ve found #12-14 black pupa to be the most consistent. I’ve also had really good sessions of callibaetis nymph fishing on Hover lines in the shoals over the weed beds.

Hosmer- I’ve been just going up in the late afternoon and evening and getting good damsel, callibaetis and canes action on both dries and occasionally on nymphs.

Crane Prairie- Fish have moved to the channels after last weeks hot weather. Now the weather is cooler again but I think at this point the fish will stay in the channels until cool fall weather comes (in October). Black Leech, Chironomids and Damsels are all good with sporadic possibilities of Callibaetis.

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