Three Creek Lake report 8/3/16

Afternoon callibaetis hatches have been good again. Tough to match somedays but the bugs and the fish are there. Usually a spinner will do the trick, and I’ve had the best luck with 2 patterns: 1) the Harrop CDC parachute spinner and 2) the Upright Rusty Spinner. My Jeff’s Black Butte Callibaetis is a good choice when trying to decide between going with a spinner or a dun.

Leeches and Chironomids are working well there too. I recommend an Olive or Black Chironomid under an indicator along the drop zones. 6 to 15 feet of water is best.
On the leeches, also olive or black. Best fished with a Hover line or Intermediate.

Some caddis. Traveling Sedge should be better than they are. Maybe its late. It started and then petered out.

Ants and Beetles are good.


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