Crooked River report 8/3/16

I ran our first guide trip to the Crooked since early June. Overall, I was expecting to go and catch a bunch of whitefish but we ended up with more trout than whitey’s. Trout were smallish, running up to maybe 10 or 11 inches but they were pretty and looked chunky for their length.

At 2 PM there was a very good PMD hatch and a lot of fish were feeding on the dries and emerging PMD’s.

We caught most of our fish on a Purple Weight Fly and a Black Zebra Midge.

It wasn’t the Crooked of years past, but it wasn’t terrible either.

What was terrible was the amount of moss in the drift. Sometimes you had to clean one or both flies every single cast. I hate that. The other thing I found interesting is the golden olive algae that covered the rocks. It was slick, Slick, SLICK and at about 289 cfs it was pushy wading.

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