East Lake report 6/26/16

I was on the water all day again yesterday and saw the best callibaetis spinner fall so far this season about 9 to 10 AM near the East Lake CG ramp. Fish were on them but it was hard to match…. Seemed like the really lite color Harrop Biot Spinner or the Upright Rusty Spinner were the best 2 flies to match it.

Decent action wind drifting with flashback PT’s on a sinking line. I recommend the intermediate line most days. When we were up friday though, a type 3 was better…

Still having our best luck on larger black chironomids in 16 to 20 feet of water under an indicator. Yesterday we got a really nice rainbow on an olive chironomid with a red butt so I plan on putting that back in action on thursday when I’m back on the lake. Stay tuned….

Steve, my guide had a nice day wind drifting black and red leeches a few days back.

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