Lower Deschutes report 8/26/16

We’ve continued to see good fishing in the Warm Springs area. There are fish in the eddies looking for cripples and spent flies, and then there are still a number of caddis hatching and fish eating X Caddis.

Some PMD’s and a few BWO’s. BWO’s will pick up in the fall. Look for Rusty Spinners in the early AM or at Dusk.

Best fishing has been on Nymphs. PT’s, Copper John, 2 Bit Hooker, Zebra Midge, CDC Hares Ear, Caddis Pupa, Worms and small Jigs have been good.
Usually we are fishing 2 small nymphs with split shot to weight the line, but we are also having success fishing larger stonefly nymphs and running any of the small nymphs as a dropper.

Steelhead has been disappointing. Not a lot of fish yet, but there are a lot of Steelhead in the Columbia that haven’t passed the Dalles Dam so when the water cools it should get better pretty quickly.

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