Lower Deschutes report 8/26/16

The Fly Fisher's Place

We’ve continued to see good fishing in the Warm Springs area. There are fish in the eddies looking for cripples and spent flies, and then there are still a number of caddis hatching and fish eating X Caddis.

Some PMD’s and a few BWO’s. BWO’s will pick up in the fall. Look for Rusty Spinners in the early AM or at Dusk.

Best fishing has been on Nymphs. PT’s, Copper John, 2 Bit Hooker, Zebra Midge, CDC Hares Ear, Caddis Pupa, Worms and small Jigs have been good.
Usually we are fishing 2 small nymphs with split shot to weight the line, but we are also having success fishing larger stonefly nymphs and running any of the small nymphs as a dropper.

Steelhead has been disappointing. Not a lot of fish yet, but there are a lot of Steelhead in the Columbia that haven’t passed the Dalles Dam so when the water cools it should get better pretty quickly.

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