Metolius fishing report 8/26/16

This week in the upper river was the best golden stone action we’ve seen so far. The golden’s are now hatching farther down river too, so even near the hatchery and especially in the canyon expect to see these big guys around.

Willow Flies and a few mixed Salmonfly’s are the biggest stones you’ll run into on the Metolius. They are both out and both can be imitated with larger Rogue Stones and Chubbies. Willow Flies don’t fly so egg layers slowly skitter on the water to lay eggs. Take a big salmon fly pattern and darken the bottom with a black sharpie and then
s-l-o-w-l-y twitch the fly on the surface.

The yellow sally stones are still important and the 1st of the little olive stones are coming off now and will explode in Sept.

Tons of caddis, especially tiny yellow micro caddis. Check out our custom tied Iris to match these.

PMD’s and BWO’s are very important now and will remain so for at least another 7 or 8 weeks.
Flav’s and Fall Green Drakes are about 7 to 14 days out.  September is peak for those.

Bull Trout fishing is good. Bigger streamers are taking the majority of the fish.

No Kokanee run yet. Not that I would expect them in the end of August or even the 1st of September. But when they come up later in Sept and in Oct it is a massive amount of food for the Bull Trout and also for the Rainbow’s.

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