Lower Deschutes report 9/6/16

Trout Fishing continues to be good from Warm Springs to Maupin and Steelhead are for the most part really spread out in the system. We are hopeful this is going to improve quickly and here is why.

So far this summer (approx) 161,000 steelhead have passed the fish counter at Bonneville Dam. At the Dalles Dam only 61,000 have passed. That means 100,000 steelhead were sitting between the dams.
On August 30th, 366 fish moved over the Dalles.
On Sept 3 it was 1387, Sept 4 was 2833 and Sept 5 bumped to 3002. It appears the cooler weather is moving the fish finally and there will be a lot more coming.
My guess is the Mouth is going to go off of the next 2 weeks. Then Maupin and by the end of the month we should see a fair number of fish coming into the Warm Springs run.
I’m stoked!

The trout are on nymphs pretty much. A few fish up on spent caddis, small BWO and PMD’s and Purple Haze. Stonefly nymphs with a dropper off the back has been the best. Zebra Midges, Micro May, Flashback PT, Copper John, Jigs and Worms.

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