Metolius River fishing report 9/6/16

I love the September report because there is so much to talk about.

So, here’s the best news….the Fall Drakes and Flav’s are hatching. The best part of September as far as I am concerned.
Other mayflies to expect are PMD’s, Baetis and Mahogany Duns.

The Stonefly hatch is strong with the Little Olive Stone and Golden Stones taking center stage. Look for a few Willow Flies and Salmonflies mixed in and Yellow Sally’s in the upper river.

Caddis Hatches are strong, with 4 or 5 species prevalent at this time. You’ll see everything from Micro Caddis to October Caddis right now. Iris Caddis, CDC Caddis, Siddac, Missing Link’s and Henry’s Fork Caddis are all strong producers right now.
I would also carry an October Caddis Pupa. 2 years ago a friend and I were fishing EZ Dunk Eddy in the evening and the fish were going nuts over October Caddis Pupa just under the film. It was intense. I’ve actually never seen anything like that for Oct Caddis but my guess is it will happen again and I want to be ready. Do you?

Nymphing is good, but really with all the amazing dry fly fishing I am focused on the surface. If you are fishing before noon then by all means go down with nymphs. Micro Mayflies, Copper John, 2 Bit’s, CDC Hares Ear and French’s have all been great for us.

Bull Trout are increasing in numbers as they move up from the lake to spawn and then chow on the soon to happen Kokanee run. We are fishing big streamers now, but in about a month eggs will become very important too.

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