Cascade Lakes report 10/6/16

Rough week of weather so far in the cascades, with snow at East Lake, and cold and wind at the lower lakes.
That said, don’t give up on the lakes. Fishing is good to great.

East Lake is seeing good activity on the last callibaetis of the year, and leeches! Black ones. There are a lot of browns on the south shore looking for a big meal.

Crane is very good, especially near the resort on small leeches and callibaetis type nymphs.

Hosmer is good, tons of picky fish in the channel. Leeches and tiny red ice cream cones have been good. I’d also recommend an ant or beetle along the reeds.

Davis is good by the O’dell Creek channel. Big fish. Leeches and callibaetis nymphs.

Lava has a bunch of fish in the little cove by the resort. I haven’t been there but a customer was and he said there were lot’s of fish hanging right there.

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