Fall River fishing report 10/21/16

Good afternoon BWO hatches and some midges and caddis mixed in to keep it interesting. The little one-wing cripple baetis we have is amazing right now, and a little CDC fly called a smoke jumper is another good one.
On caddis, small tan cdc caddis and some October Caddis Adults. I had a friend there a few days ago who did the smackdown on fish on a Clark’s Stone.

Nymph fishing is excellent, with small Zebra Midges, Frenchies, WD50, 2 Bit Hooker and Olive Micro Mayflies trailed in any combo or off a Tungsten Egg.

Seems to be a lot of fish around. Hoping ODFW found the right combo of Rainbow that went leave (migrate) out over the Fall and Winter and we continue to see good fishing all winter! Fall River historically is my favorite Winter fishery, but the last few winters stunk. It’s good now so get ’em while it’s hot.

Anyone needing a guide, we can guide there anytime. $375 for 1/2 day or $425 for a full day for 1 or 2 anglers.

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