Crooked River fishing report 10/6/16

the quiet comeback is getting more well known. Fishing is quite good!

We hammered them this week on Flashback PT’s, WD50, 2 Bit Hookers, Micro Mayflies, Split Case PMD’s and on top with PMD and BWO imitations. The BWO Film Critic is a great fly right now.

Shouldn’t be long the whitefish should be spawning. Then it will be egg-o-rama time. The whitey’s are fat and strong pre-spawn.
BTW, respect Whitefish. They are native, they don’t compete with, but rather live in harmony with the trout. They are an indicator species of a good, healthy river and only snobs from Montana who don’t get it, disrespect the mighty whitey. I’m hearing stories of anglers throwing them on the bank or killing them upon release. Don’t. Thats against the law for one thing, and its not necessary or cool to do.

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