Metolius River fishing report 10/21/16

Dry Fly action in the afternoon is great. Plenty of BWO’s and PMD’s to keep the fish looking up. There have been some mahogany duns mixed in and I have had a report of a few Green Drakes still but really, these guys should be done by now so I wouldn’t get to excited for Drakes going in to the end of October.
Besides all of those mayflies there are a lot of good caddis hatches. Oct Caddis steal the show but there is a little Tan Caddis that we have a fly called a CDC Siddac that is super right now.
Stonefly Dries seem to be done, but the Nymphs are always very important. I cant imagine how many Golden Stone Nymphs must be on the bottom of the Metolius, but they are thick and the fish like to eat them.

Lately, we’ve been using small eggs, hares ear’s, red lightning bugs and caddis pupa on the nymph side with good luck. All of these are good to run off the Stonefly nymph.

BULL TROUT fishing is good right now and should remain good for several months. This is the best time of the year for Bull Trout and they get aggressive towards streamers now, where later in the winter they get more nymph-y.


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