Crooked River fishing report 11/12/16

Plenty of smaller rainbows showing up, with a few big ones coming to the net. Whitefish are huge, pre spawn and are a great catch. I don’t know for sure if the Whitefish are spawning quite yet, but its not a bad idea to start fishing small eggs along with small mayfly nymphs and zebra midges.

There are a few fish rising to midges and BWO’s but it is mostly a nymph game now.

I always say this, but you’ll catch more fish setting up your nymph rig with a NZ Wool Yarn Indicator or small Loon Yarn Indicator or even a Palsa Stick-On than you will with a Bobber. Fish are sipping lightly, and the 3 indicators I mentioned will detect a light strike way better.
Also, consider setting your weight at the bottom, drop shot style. Point of Contact puts it on the bottom and you’ll get more fish.

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