Metolius River fishing report 11/12/16

Dry Fly fishing is better than average for November with the mostly good weather we’ve been having. Plenty of BWO’s, Cinygmula’s, Caddis and even a few straggler PMD’s to bring fish up.

Red Copper John and Tan Caddis Pupa’s have been really productive on the Nymph side. I also really like a Blue Prince or Batman in the Winter. Blue shows up well under water in the winter light spectrum so it holds the fish’s attention.

Bull Trout fishing is good. Seems like all white streamers have been responsible for the most fish, but white/black, olive/white and sometimes all black are taking fish too. In the early AM, nymph with a larger red copper john, ice prince or red ice cream cone.

2 thoughts on “Metolius River fishing report 11/12/16

  1. When you say big copper john do you mean a size 10 or 12? I know bull trout can get big so this makes sense to me. Let me know. Thanks

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