Lakes 5/1/19

Crane has been producing well but seems like a lot of small fish (12-14 inchers) with occasional big kids coming to play. Leeches and Chironomids so far are the best way to hit them. An all red #16 ice cream cone is #1, #2 is black and red #14 and balanced leeches have been great.

South and North Twin Lake have been awesome with leeches and chironomids. With high 70’s in the forecast this weekend I think callibaetis ought to be getting ready to pop.

Davis Bass action has been good the last few days. Trout action is slower but worth the effort for big rainbows on leeches.


One thought on “Lakes 5/1/19

  1. Fished for Kokanee at Wickiup the past few days. Seems everyone is catching limits. I know! Trolling for them. ” Not fly fishing for them”. Enjoy your web site and read it all the time. Fish with flies a lot. Looking forward to fish Owyhee River soon.

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