Metolius River fishing report 5/16/19

The PMD’s have really started this week! So many duns on the water about 1 to 3 the last few days.
While there are very few Green Drakes hatch so far, we had 2 days this week of catching fish on Drake dries. The real hatch is still probably 2 weeks away, then for 3 glorious weeks in June it is on.
A lot of various caddis and stones hatching too. Talked to a good old customer on the river tuesday who picked up a nice rainbow on a Clark’s Stone earlier that day.
One of my regular customers was just in the shop 15 minutes ago and fresh off the river, and he nailed some good rainbows today on Olive Perdigon’s.
Speaking of nymphs, Golden Stones and Caddis Pupa are also strong contenders, especially under an indicator for non Euro Nymphers.
It’s cloudy, with showers but kind of that perfect muggy spring weather. Hatch weather. I dig it.

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