Fishing Updates 5/14/2021

The Metolius is starting to see better Green Drake hatches, and even if you don’t see a lot of naturals, between 2 and 5 look for splashy takes and fish that water with an emerger or dun. 

The Green Drakes will be in full swing by the end of the month but are already off to a good start. 
PMD hatches are starting to heat up as well. Emergers, Duns and Rusty Spinners can be good. 
When the Warmer days get more consistent the Caddis are too.
We’ve been doing really well with Perdigons and Jigs Euro style. Indicator fishing in some areas is great. 

Bull Trout on Streamers can be productive in the lower part of the river. 

The Lower Deschutes is prime for  Salmonfly and Golden Stone hatch all over from Warm Springs to Maupin. Any day now and they will be pounding by the banks and under overhangs.  
We have a super good supply of big Foam Flies, Clarks Stones and Norm Woods Specials so get them while they are hot. 
PMD and Caddis are locally important and can sometimes be the preferred meal for fish at times, even with all the big stones around. 

spawning activity is now and will be for the next 5 or 6 weeks. Don’t wade the redds! Familiarize yourself with a red and how to avoid it, and never wade through that area and avoid being a goober and don’t fish for spawning rainbows on the Lower D. 

Here is a cool YouTube video from Devin Olsen on the subject.

The Middle Deschutes is seeing a Stonefly Hatch from Steelhead Falls up toward Bend. 
Pale Morning and Pale Evening Duns will be hatching now and all summer. 
BWO’s can be a very important hatch, but overlooked this time of year because we think of them as a spring and fall hatch here. Don’t forget the little guy. 
The Caddis hatch in the evening is outstanding. We like an X Caddis on this stretch, and run a Tan 14-16 and Olive 16. 
Purple Haze, Renegades, Stimulators and Float & Fools are excellent attractors. 

Tons of nymphing opportunities especially with the Euro rigs. 

The Crooked River is fishing great. Mother’s Day Caddis is on, starting about 1PM! #14-16 Caddis pupa, emergers and adults. Brachycentrus Caddis are the family we call Mothers Day Caddis. They tend to trend towards a greyish-olive. But tan and sometimes black patterns are the better hatch matchers in different periods of the hatch. 
Sparkle Pupa, Puparazzi and Micro Mayflies are the hot nymphs for the moment. 
Blue Wing Olives are slowing down but can be important as a dry fly on any given day, but year round importance for the BWO/Baetis Nymphs #18-22. 

The Fall River has been good with PMD’s being the primary afternoon hatch. But look out for Green Drakes now too. 
Ant’s and Beetles and attractors like a Hippie Stomper are working well. PMD’s are here to stay until fall. BWO’s are important now. Caddis #14-16-18 (CDC and Henryville). Midges #20-24. Yellow Sally #14-16. Green Drake emergers and Duns #10-12
Euro Nymphing techniques are outstanding now and pretty much always. 

Paulina is off to a good start with Balanced Leeches and Red 2 Bit’s under an indicator. Fish are also looking for Scuds and Callibaetis Nymphs and Damsel Nymphs around the weed beds in shallow zones. 

East Lake is just getting going as well. A couple of our guides had success this week with balanced leeches both black and brown and chironomids under and indicator. Sparkle Minnows also produced some really healthy Browns. Just a heads up, our guides also reported the water levels to be a bit low for this time of year. Be careful around the boat launches and be prepared for a less than ideal launch. 

Crane Praire is fishing well on #14-16 Chironomids. Olive, Black and Red too. Don’t forget to try a Chromie if you know the hatch is in progress. The Chironomid Pupas get really shiny down there when they pump up with gasses to ascend to the top.
Never leave to CP without Balanced Leeches and Leeches. 
Access to Quinn Boat Ramp is good as well as Rock Creek and near the Resort.  

South Twin is fishing well. Same report as last week. Damsels and Leeches on the shallows, Balanced Leeches and Chironomids out in deeper water. 
North Twin access is now open too! Balanced Leeches are the best. Some fish are being caught using a Purple Chubby with a Red 2 Bit as a dropper. 

Lava Lake is starting off ok. Fish seem to be stacked on the shoreline and in the area around the boat ramp. They are taking Chironomids in about 3 to 6 feet, and leeches. 
Down the western shoreline on the sand flats there is good leech action and nymphing with chironomids and callibaetis nymphs. Look for risers to midges in the afternoon. 

Have fun out there. See you on the water or in the shop. 

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