Fishing Reports and access updates 5/19/23

Just got word from the USFS that Quinn River access is opening today. Also Rock Creek but no docks will be installed yet.
Docks are going in at Crane Prairie Boating site (by the resort) tomorrow it sounds like. USFS is clearing some hazard trees by the fish cleaning station today. Crane is fishing pretty good from what we have seen so far. Always remember Crane is a moody place and leaving with a few notches on your belt requires trial and error and patience. Mattias was there 2 days ago with the “boys” and they rocked it. I was there on Monday with a damn good angler and we had a slow morning and a very good afternoon. Chironomids, Blood Worms and Leeches are the ticket.
Bring and wear a Mosquito Head Net or at least a buff to keep the biblical Midge hatch from covering your face.

Paulina Lake Resort access is open for boat launching and parking. They have a $10 fee. The lot has a lot of BIG puddles to navigate. Wear your rubber boots at the launch and parking lot.
Leeches and Chironomids were hot early season last year.

East Lake was still mostly frozen yesterday but I bet by the 1st of next week it will be ice free. Parking and access will be very limited for a while because of the snow around the banks.

The Water Levels on the Lower Deschutes continue to fluctuate down to 5000 cfs and up towards 6000 cfs.
Fishing is good despite this. Salmonflies are all over the place, but the hatch timing really depends on being in the right place at the right time more than ever at this time.
Any day in the next week to 10 days may be the best fishing off the year for big bugs, so it is primed and ready to rock soon.
There are a lot of little Black Caddis #18 hatching now too. Pupas and Dries are going to be important for matching these caddis.

The Crooked is still persistently high, but watching river levels coming in to the 100% full reservoir the outlook is becoming more rosy. It would appear the majority of the snow melt is slowing way down, as today is the 1st day in a very long time I’ve seen inflow to the Reservoir under 1000 cfs.
I’m hopeful that by Memorial Day we will have normal flows!
Cross your fingers with me.

The Metolius is seeing more and more Green Drakes, mostly in the Bridge 99 area so far. After Memorial Day it will really pop and be up to the Hatchery and Canyon too. PMD’s, BWO’s and plenty of summer Caddis are out and about and improving each week. I think once the water mellows out from snow melt on the Metolius it is going to GO OFF.
Plenty of good nymph options, especially with Golden Stones, Eggs, Walts, Blue, Brown and Olive Perdigons and 2 Bit Hookers.

The Middle Deschutes is also running a little high and slightly discolored. The fishing is generally okay, but when I was there yesterday it was noticeable and fishing was a little off. I only went to fish salmonflies and we caught some fish with Chubbies. But with the water levels up I sure wished I had also carried in my Euro Nymph rod.
I think this week’s thunderstorms may the cause of the river conditions we saw yesterday.
PMD’s, BWO’s, Caddis and Pale Evening Duns are all important hatches to add to the fly box.

My old friend Joe took a video from Mt Bachelor yesterday and it showed Lava and Little Lava as Ice Free, Hosmer was iced over in the lower lake but thawed in the upper lake, Elk was frozen over and Sparks was frozen too.
I do not know if there is any access to Lava Lake yet or how the fishing is.
I also have not heard any fly fishing reports from Wickiup. Anyone???
The entire Cascade Lakes Hwy opens next week on 5/23 but don’t expect access to Hosmer for quite a while after that as they don’t plow into the side roads for access to recreation sites, so who knows when the melt will allow us to get on our favorite fly fishing only lakes.

I have good to very good reports from South Twin Lake.

Fall River is fishing well. Go early or late to avoid the mid day crowds. PMD, Caddis, BWO and Ants and Beetles.
Little Streamers are tearing them up, and Eggs and Perdigons are our nymphs of choice!

FYI, there is no freaking way access to 3 Creek Lake is going to be anytime soon due to a ton of snow. And, with the road project coming up we want to remind you that access to 3 Creek is not going to be open until at least 7/21/23. That’s a bummer.

Each week there is more to talk about and more good fishing and optimism for more to come next week and the week after that.

See you on the water,


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