A lake update 5/18/23

Hi gang, I’m excited to announce that Paulina Lake is open and I’ve free as of a couple of days ago. Launching only from the resort and there is a $10 fee to launch and park there this year. No reports yet but last year on 5/20 we crushed them on a type 3 full sink and black leeches off the shoreline, and on chironomids and little PT’s under an indicator . The parking lot at the resort is full of puddles (big ones), so wear your rubber boots. It’s not ideal but it’s better than not being able to get out there.

I fished Crane Prairie on Monday and was happy with the day. The fish are in great shape and we saw a lot of fish working and my friend and I landed over 20 nice fish. Black balanced leech, olive chironomid, black chironomid, hanging with my chromie, balanced baitfish, and bloodworms. Stripping leeches on a hover or intermediate is good. We found more fish in shallow areas (5-7’) but a good friend found them in 12-14’ a few days before. *Bring a mosquito head net for the biblical swarm of midges that will cover your face if you don’t have the netting.

We’ve had some amazing reports from South Twin. Thin Mints, olive wooly Bugger, soft hackles, damsels and chironomids.

North Twin is opened up. No reports so far. I love to use olive leeches off the weed beds going down the right side of the shoreline from the ramp this time of year.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve had success (or not) at Davis or at Wickiup!

East Lake ought to have some kind of access by the end of the month. It is icing off slowly. The photos I posted on my Facebook page show the lake looks a bit more full. We will cross our fingers that is truly the case when we see it in 2-3 weeks.

The Cascade Lakes Highway opens next Tuesday 5/23/23 but it’ll be a little later for Hosmer because the side roads are still very snowy.

I’m wondering about Lava Lake. It can be a nice option but I don’t think it’s quite open yet.

See you out there!


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