Voluntary Hoot Owl on the Lakes/Watch H2O Temps

Hey gang,

The lakes are starting the morning in the safe zone for water temps, but the afternoons may prove different so with the water temps, especially in the shallow zones so many of us like to fish and move if it gets above 68, or call it a day if you can’t find new water in the healthy range for responsible catch & release.

I know East Lake is getting up to 70 in the shallows this week.
Paulina yesterday was 62 in the morning when I launched and 66 when I quit (8 am to 4 pm) but this morning it was 65 and 68, and I did find a 69 along the North Shore, but moved to the South Side and got down to 66-67 along there.
Wind is a friend moving and circulating water. Today was awfully calm for a lot of the day with a lot of intense sun.

Hosmer and Crane Prairie and Lava will be in the same condition, and I’d recommend starting early on any of the lakes near dawn and being done about lunch time if it warms too much. Maybe it will, and maybe it won’t, but it is our responsibility to pay attention to it, so we don’t see a dead trout laying on the bottom of the lake tomorrow.

Evenings when the sun goes down the water recovers a bit and that is a good time to hit it again.
At East Lake the evening Callibaetis fishing is quite good.
At Hosmer, mix Caenis (they look like a #22 Trico) with the Callibaetis and look for the big Traveling Sedges too.

Hoppers are out on the Newberry Crater lakes. They were pretty good today along with Beetles.

At Crane, the trout are hunkered in the channels on the Deschutes, Cultus Quinn and Rock Creek. Balanced Leeches under an indicator but stripped slowly has been pretty good, along with Chironomids.

Callibaetis hatches were better this week on East, and are getting a start on Paulina with some decent dry fly action 1st thing in the morning when we arrive on spinners and emergers.

3 Creeks Lake is not open quite yet, but I hear the road work is coming along and the plan is to see the road open to the lake on 7/28/23! Can’t wait.

I just wanted to get a lake update going and to get you thinking about how we can all contribute to the health of our waters.

See you out there and bring your sunscreen. A slight cool down is in the forecast for a few days early next week. I don’t believe it will change this much, but we will take what we can get.


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