Sept 10 Fishing Report and need to fill a class tomorrow

We had a cancellation for our Euro Nymphing class at Mecca tomorrow (9/11/23) and have one (or 2) spots open.
It’s $250 for all day instruction on the fine art of Euro Nymphing. You’ll get our guide Capt’ Drew all day, lunch, flies, learn how to build your own custom leaders (to keep) and if you need it, we can provide the rods.
Call us at the shop (541)549-3474 and get signed up or email me back as soon as possible.

As for the fishing, it is splendid here, the weather is incredible and there is no smoke at this time.

The Metolius is as good as it gets. Green Drakes, Flav’s, PMD’s, BWO’s, Mahogany Duns, Rusty Spinners, Caddis (Orange #8-10, Olive #16-18, Tan #16, Grey #14), Little Olive Stones #16-18, Golden Stones #10, Yellow Sally #16, Cascade Stone #4-6 and to top it off a stray salmonfly #6 that I doubt would be all that important in the adult stage, but these bigger stones (Golden, Cascade and Salmon) think big nymphs for sure.
Bull Trout fishing is prime! Big Streamers are best.
No Kokanee showing yet. Egg season shall wait for now. For now.

Last night I texted the FFP guide team about what they were seeing out there on their trips last week. Overwhelmingly good responses on the fishing on the Lower Deschutes.
Steve, Michael, Drew all said good caddis hatches, good PMD hatches and stellar nymphing. Not just euro style, but you should be employing that technique down there for sure.
Steelhead are rolling up the river in good numbers. Most catches are still occurring Macks to the Mouth, but October and November are going to be good on our home stretch of WS to TC.

We have seen a bit of a slow down on the Crooked. Lots of weeds in the drift and frustrating to nymph fish with having to clean your line and fly almost every cast. This is a cycle and it will end and the fishing will improve. Still, PMD and Mahogany Dun and BWO hatches are happening, Midges and some Tan #16 caddis are too. Fishing is okay but not peak.

Fall River is really good now. It just got stocked again (check out the Fly Fisher’s Place instagram page and watch our man Mattias help ODFW with a load of rainbows).
Good Dry fly action besides nymphs and little streamers. I love Fall River from now until Thanksgiving and seeing the fall hatches, and enjoying the place as the leaves turn and some of the other anglers give up for watching college football or headed out to tag a deer.

Middle Deschutes is a good bet, especially for locals who have the later afternoon and evening to fish. Look for fish up on dries like PMD’s, BWO’s and Caddis (tan #16 mostly) and certainly run your perdigons through the slots in the pocket water for good success. With it getting dark by 8 PM make the most of that evening bite!

Three Creeks Lake is very very good fishing. Mattias reports Ants, Callibaetis Spinners and Purple Haze “crushing out there” and Capt’ Drew adds Hippie Stompers and little “hot tag nymphs” under an indicator.
I would add balanced Leeches, especially with a hot orange bead.

Chris was up on Crane Prairie this week and found good fishing on leeches and Euro Jigs. We’ve discovered this little Holo Jig is a hot CP fly. Other Fall favorites at Crane would be leeches, leeches, Chironomids, leeches, Black Zebra Midges, Tan Zebra Midges, Red Blood Worms, Water Boatman (if you tie them, do them small #16-18) and Red 2 Bit Hookers.

East Lake continues to see callibaetis action with this fine weather. Emergers, Duns and Spinners along the edges is hot. Damsel Nymphs, Beetles, Leeches, Ants and Grasshoppers are good too.
Get it while you can on the dry callibaetis, I’d guess it’ll go away as soon as we get the next fall cold storm roll over us.

Paulina Lake is awesome. Beetles and Ants and Hoppers along the banks. Balanced leeches and Tan 2 Bit Hookers on the drop off zone. As we move towards the end of the month, more browns will be schooling for their pre-spawn dance. Magic is about to happen.

Hosmer is back open as of yesterday (9/9)
Pilot Cars are getting traffic through parts of Century Drive now, but that is not a big deal if you’re coming down from the Mt Bachelor side.
Black Double Down Nymphs, Chironomids, Zebra Midges, Waterboatman, Scuds, Damsel Nymphs, Callibaetis Nymphs and Leeches. Some fish are looking up and will take an Ant, Beetle, Hopper, Midges and the odd/stray callibaetis. I’m looking forward to my days up there again this week.

See you on the water!


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