Last week of Summer report 9/18/23

I was on an absolute guide trip bender so here I am, late with the new report. I promise to make it a good one!

The Metolius is darn good. Be here for the September Magic (hey, it goes until October too). Upper River is still getting Golden Stone dry fly action, PMD’s #16, Tan Caddis #16, Mahogany Duns #16, BWO #18-20 and some October Caddis #8
The Middle River and Lower River are where you’ll find more diverse hatches, including GREEEN DRAKES #10 mostly but carry #8’s too, and also Flav’s in a #12-14. Tons of Little Olive Stones #16-18 and Big Cascade Stones #4-8 are out and about. PMD’s, Mahogany Duns, BWO’s, Midges, Caddis Caddis and more Caddis including more October Caddis now than we saw last week. Fall is in the air.
Bull Trout are spawning in some places so be aware of your spots and if you EVEN slightly expect there is a Redd, pass on those fish. Do keep in mind that the vast majority of Metolius BT’s spawn in the tributaries.
Nymph fishing remains a smart choice and outstanding, especially Euro Style.

The Lower Deschutes is fishing quite well too. Hearing from my guides and some customers about good dry fly action on PMD’s and small Tan Caddis. October Caddis Pupa and both Golden Stone and Black Stonefly Nymphs are working well.
Steelhead are being caught now up to Warm Springs, but October and November will be better to focus there and at this time more of your steelhead attention should be near and below Maupin down to the Columbia.
We are stoked for October and November guide trips and plan to offer a November special again this year.

The Middle Deschutes is good, and is fishing quite nicely in the evenings on Purple Haze and X Caddis. During the day use your Perdigons and Euro Jigs and Soft Hackle PT’s. Water levels should remain good for another few weeks.

The Crooked River is better than my last report. Less of the weeds drifting according to the shop guys who’ve had some good days on nymphs and the afternoon PMD hatch. As we cruise to late Sept and October PMD’s will be around for a while and taper off and then it will be more BWO’s.
It is worth the time to go fish there and Drew from the shop caught a 19″ Rainbow on a perdigon a few days ago. Stoke level was high with that fish.

The Fall River is a bit of a zoo with anglers, but jeez the fishing is good and there are a lot of fish. Our FFP guides are doing best on small Streamers, Eggs and Jigs, but there are good PMD and BWO hatches and Olive and Tan Caddis around that usually bring up fish. Evenings will be Rusty Spinners and keep an eye open for Midges.
Ants, Hoppers and Beetles and Hippie Stompers are good choices too.

The McKenzie is back on our normal guide rotation as the fires over there are doing better. If you go, try Black Jig Leeches, Heavy Jig Soft Hackles, Perdigons and Big Chubbies. Most of our floating has been Blue River down towards Leaburg Lake. We have some great guide trip opportunities for you this Fall on the McKenzie and the Lower D.

Lakes. For the most part really good and likely getting better with some cooler weather coming up.

Crane Prairie is quite good as long as it’s not too still. Balanced Leeches, Double Down’s, Black Birds Nest, Zebra Midges, Water Boatman and Chironomids. Fish are in the channels, and all areas of the lake seems to be about equal.

Lava Lake is fishing quite good now. Balanced Leeches, Damsels, Chironomids and a few Callibaetis still. I am hearing of great catch rates and super hard fighting fish. This is great great news.

Hosmer is seeing an absolute abundance of Brook Trout and they range from 8 to 14″ mostly and love a damsel trolled on a Hover line. Easy. But, under the indicator Chironomids, Leeches, Zebra’s, Water Boatman and Scuds.
We saw a few Callibaetis hatching a few days ago, but it is coming to an end for the adults, but nymphs will be good until it closes.
Ants, Hoppers, Beetles and Black Butte Callibaetis on top and with fall coming in hot, there will be Water Boatman flying and that means dry Boatman patterns too.

East Lake is good, and with the end of Callibaetis coming soon, don’t forget about Beetles and Ants well in to October.
Leeches, Chub Streamers, Chironomids all under an indicator are great, and for trolling, wind drifting, or stripping try Scuds, Leeches and White/Olive Baitfish patterns.
BTW- CINDER HILL is now locked up. Bummer because this is the best Boat Ramp to use on the whole lake.

Paulina Lake is starting to see the big brown phenomenon known as Fall. The browns are getting together and active. Scuds and Balance Leeches and Red 2 Bit Hookers have been my favorites. Starting again this week and going well into October it will be one of my #1 guide trip spots now and I am excited for that.

For the Three Creeks Lake Report I will add my friend Steve’s email from Yesterday for your enjoyment:
 Here is the report which you requested:  Got there and started fishing at about 10.  Fished until 3.  Quite a few people out enjoying the day, but still plenty of space. Wind came and went, generally from the west or southwest.  Water temp 58 and 59.  Fished from my tube.  No hatch observed.  However, fish rising.  Landed 21, broke off 3 on 5x on the take, fished dry and and intermediate line.  Missed another 10 or more on the take or shook off.  Best dry fly was a size 16 purple haze. Also caught some on a Beatle along the rock wall.   Caught the subsurface fish on a green jig head leach size 14 with an orange bead , and had  more action on a black bruised jig head  leach with a silver bead, size 14.  Dry fly action was good.  Fish were all about 14 inches, but fat and fought well.  Landed one 16.  All rainbows.  Fish were so scrappy and in good shape.  Off the water at 3:00.   A good day! 

See you on the water or in the shop. Lot’s of good stuff coming up in Sisters for the Fall starting with the Folk Festival and Harvest Festival and it’s just good to be in the Mountains this time of year.


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