Damn fires and 2 lakes I just reported on 9/18/23 update

Petes Lake Fire grows to over 3,000 acres, DCSO issues Level 2 ‘Be Set’ evacuation notice for Elk, Lava Lakes

Well, the high winds made the Pete’s Lake fire make a run for Lava Lake and Elk Lake and Hosmer Lake and put all 3 in the Level 2 Evacuation Zone.

I’m personally changing my trip from Hosmer to Paulina out of caution because it’s my responsibility to provide the safest trip possible.

Hosmer and Lava are not closed, it’s not a mandatory evacuation and may not get to that, but it’s closer than we’d like to see.

Hopefully that thinning project I was complaining about the pilot cars and slow going through the project works in case that fire does make it to Century Drive.

All I can say is bring on the Rain soon. Looks like Thursday and again a lot of next week will be wetter.


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