Lower Deschutes Report 7/31/15

The Warm Springs to Trout Creek section is good, running at just under 4000 cfs and coming out of the dam at 54 degrees today, which has been pretty constant in the last month.
It will be interesting to see if water temps go down on or around August 1st much, as the bottom release begins at Round Butte as part of the agreement with ODFW, Warm Springs and PGE (amongst many others). If so, the cold water will extend down to the mouth in about 3 or 4 days and make the water temps safer for steelhead.
Speaking if safe water for steelhead, the current temp at Moody Rapid which is about 1/4 of a mile up from the Columbia was 64 degrees this AM. That is in the safe zone, but just barely.

So the Steelhead season begins and should be pretty darn good from Macks to the Mouth and my guess is from Mid-August thru October it os going to be very good because the Deschutes is so much colder than the Columbia.

Trout season is going good and we are seeing some caddis, PMD and yellow sally hatches in the Warm Springs area. Our best action is on nymphs. Girdle Bugs and Stonefly nymphs with Sparkle Pupa, Soft Hackle PT, 3 Dollar Dip, Copper Johns and Prince Nymphs!i-f29397R-XL
Here is a nice steelhead from last week down there!

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